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    • Other names: 劣等眼の転生魔術師 ~虐げられた元勇者は未来の世界を余裕で生き抜く~
    • Author(s): Citrus Yusura
    • Genre(s): Action Drama Ecchi Isekai
    • Status: Ongoing
    • Views: 124000

    Ability is determined by the color of the eye that was born, genius magician with overwhelming power There was. The man’s name is Abel.
    Due to its power that is too strong, Abel, even companied by his colleagues, seeking the ideal world, incarnate the soul far in the future.
    However, in the future world Abel’s oriented eyes are called “inferior eyes” for some reason, it was supposed to be stupid!
    Abel which is entwined with the aristocrat of bonbons and receives discrimination without so-called love.
    However, in the future world where magician’s ability has declined markedly due to the development of civilization, Abel ‘s [Amber eye] had hidden power beyond human understanding! The strongest hero who came from the past will destroy the common sense of the future magicians with freedom!

    Maybe coming in

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