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    "Emerging Textile" panic horror kicks off! A high school third grader, Keiba, who excelled in sports and excelled in sports, spent her days disgusted with the lack of excitement and lack of reflection. Without knowing that their everyday life is fragile, it will collapse ...! A regular member, Minto, Kouka, Makoto and three others, went out to Shibuya to play in Kyoto. So I witnessed that the clothes worn by the people in and out of the city changed into ferocious monsters one after another, and it was a horrible scene that scooped up people! The Kyotos who were at the mercy of the event, but in the next moment, the clothes of Mint, which suddenly burst out with Mukmuk, attacked the neighboring Ayaka with its furious fangs ...! ! ? Everywhere in Shibuya, all kinds of clothes, textiles devote to people and crawl over the city! ! In the collapsed daily life, can Kyoto survive safely? ? A new sense "human crawling fiber" panic horror unfolded at nonstop, opening-

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