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    Asuka (Asuka Tsukasa) decided to study abroad for London for her birthplace in order to search for a disappearing mother, and a girl in a blurred memory. So, the boy encounters a certain “beast” and is caught up in a battle.

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    Bestia - Raw Chap 5.2

    Bestia - Raw Chap 6.2

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    Bestia - Raw Chap 4.2 661 Views

    Bestia - Raw Chap 4 1271 Views

    Bestia - Raw Chap 3.2 1506 Views

    Bestia - Raw Chap 3 1491 Views

    Bestia - Raw Chap 2.2 2348 Views

    Bestia - Raw Chap 2 3638 Views

    Bestia - Raw Chap 1 5025 Views


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