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      1518! - ICHIGO ICHIHACHI! - RAW

      Update: 1 week(s) ago
    • Other names: イチゴーイチハチ!, 1518! イチゴーイチハチ!, 1518! [イチゴーイチハチ!], Ichigo Ichihachi!, Ichigou Ichihachi!
    • Author(s): AIDA Yuu
    • Genre(s): Romance School Life Seinen Sports
    • Status: Ongoing
    • Views: 12031


    The mangas story centers around Sachi Maruyama, a girl who has just entered high school. In her new school, she finds that no club activities really interest her, so she is invited by an upperclassman from her middle school — now the student council president of her high school — to help with student council activities. There, she finds Karasuya, a boy she had met three years ago on a baseball field.

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    1518! - Ichigo Ichihachi! - Raw Chap 55

    1518! - Ichigo Ichihachi! - Raw Chap 54



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